Theological Education

We provide theological education to nationals from persecuted countries.  We help support a Seminary in Eurasia as well as several satellite schools dispersed throughout Eurasia. These schools give the opportunity for nationals who have come to Christ to continue serving Him with the Biblical knowledge and theological education necessary to better spread the Good News. 

Islamic History

We research and teach an objective approach to Islam and its history, form and faith.

Protect the Persecuted

You may notice that many of the details on this website are very broad, very general, and leave you with many questions. If you look to the right you will see the persecution watch list. Many of these countries are within Eurasia and many of the students we support put their lives and safety on the line by devoting their life to Christ. For their safety we must be careful with what information is on the Internet.

Persecution "Watch List"

 Thank you to Open Doors USA for providing this watch list.  The world "Watch List" represents the 50 countries where known persecution of Christians is most intense.

Please join us in praying for the people of these countries and specifically pray for Keys Ministries partners who are working to advance a message of hope in areas that are included on the "Watch List".  Those countries include:  Uzbekistan (16), Turkmenistan (19), Jordan (21), Tajikistan (22), Kazakhstan (28), Turkey (31) and Azerbaijan (45).