Greek and Roman Mythology

The Gordian knot was an extremely complicated knot tied by Gordius, the King of Phrygia in Asia Minor. Located in the city of Gordium, the knot came to symbolise a difficult problem that was almost impossible to solve.

Many individuals came to Gordium to try to undo the knot, but they all failed. Then, according to tradition, the Greek conqueror Alexander the Great visited the city in 333 B. C. After searching unsuccessfully for the hidden ends of the Gordian knot, Alexander became impatient. In an unexpected move, he took out his sword and cut through the knot. Alexander's solution to the problem led to the saying, “cutting the Gordian knot,” which means solving a complicated problem through bold action.

Jesus is called the Alpha and Omega

He is like the knot, without beginning and without end.