Our Mission

God called Ron and Nancy George to respond to the Gospel in terms of reaching the most difficult areas of the world. If the gospel was effective in that area it should be effective in any area.  The thought of the combination of Islam and Communism was very strong.  Strong enough to eventually create three missions that sought to reach out, in different ways into what has come to be known as Central Asia and the Caucasus. This combined area is Eurasia and includes Uzbekistan, Kirghizia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Northern India and Pakistan and the Caucasus with over 300 million peoples waiting to hear the Gospel.

Where We Are Now

During some 50 years a number of things came about. Missions globally and later from an historic perspective gave confidence in seeing theology as a dynamic record of the ways God has been and still is at work in the world amongst the nations. This theme is a major thread throughout the Bible. Go to the nations, reach the nations and so on. This give rise to see that cultures in the nations change and that God can deal with that. Ron's latest paper on “What others have said”  helps to understand how God has prepared other religions and faiths and pointed them to Jesus Christ. Christ is the completion of all that man seeks after, without Him all is unravelled and lost.  Therefore the best people to reach the many cultures within Eurasia is to train local people and empower them to be witnesses and a blessing of those nations.

Our Vision

  • To see local self-governing, self-propagating and elder led churches who work with others to hold each other accountable, help each other and stand together under all circumstances.
  • To see them use the Bible as an authoritative book inspired by God and given for guidance in all matters of life in the spirit.
  • To be gracious enough to understand that there will be local varieties on the manifestation of Christ in those communities due to culture, language, time and other influences and that disunity is worse than varieties of interpretation.
  • Above all in obedience to Christ and His call that they reach out to others areas as the Spirit calls them in a variety of ways and manners and regions.