For the past 56 years Ron and Nancy George have been working to serve the few Christians in Central Asia and the Muslim world. This has ranged over 30 countries allowing local expression of faith to emerge. Currently they are board members of a University UDG) in Moldova where God is doing something very new.


The first graduation of CTE ( later called UDG) students took place in the spring, with 21 students receiving diplomas in Theology, 16 in Christian Pedagogy, 2 in Music and 16 in Extramural Studies. That summer it was decided to start a new programme in Social Work, to be taught in Romanian.


Under God’s guidance and backed by the prayers of brothers and sisters, a section was established specialising in the training of missionaries to Turkic-speaking people living in the Gagauzia region of Moldova and for students from Central Asia. The college also initiated the process to receive accreditation from the Euro-Asian Accreditation Association (EAAA) for the theological programmes.


 The first graduates received certificates authorised by EAAA confirming international recognition of the studies.


 The College of Theology and Education completed the process of reorganisation resulting in a new status as a university and a new name. The Latin name “Divitia Gratiae University” translates as “the riches of His Grace”. In the same year, the faculty of Management and Foreign Languages was launched. Ron George started visiting the college to add an Islamic dimension in their mission’s programmes and to help lecturers in understanding cultural expressions of the Bible. Back in the UK, the Romanian Aid Fund was rebranded and named Eurasia Educational Foundation to raise funds and help the University. New directors were appointed as part of that transfer.