10 Reasons the Church Should be Engaged in Missional Activities

1. The Lord Jesus commanded us to go

It was commanded by the Lord Jesus to the Church at a time when it was small, under threat, humanly powerless and lay led. Matt 28 v 16-20.  Our success has diminished our passion.

2. We are instructed to go to all nations

It did not have structures, traditions, plant and property to maintain, but was free to obey and go out to the ends of the earth which was literally ordered by using the term “ Ta Ethne” – to every ethnic group. Luke 24 v 45-49

3. The blessing of God is mean for every tribe and tongue

It was always God’s intention to bless every people group and nation on earth, as stated  from Genesis to Revelation. Specifically, it was given to Israel who mistook the mandate for its own use and so lost God’s blessing which was replaced by the church. If the church fails in this task it again will be replaced. This could be a Reformed form of Islam which has its roots in Jewish foundations. Gen. 12 v 1-3

4. The church is impoverished when it does not engage in this global task.

Deep cultural, missional and theological lessons are imported back into the church when its activists see who the Holy Spirit is and what He can do. It builds faith when stories of prophetic application, manifestation and experiences are relayed back to the home church. Acts 1 v 8

5. We have a rich history of missions in the Bible for emulation

Congregations have a body of examples of faith steps from missions histories that can greatly expand the home churches mission’s activities with models that can be adapted.

Acts  11v 15-18; 17 v 19-22; 15 v 12-18.

6. It gives the young people a big picture into which they can expand and identify.

This then limits the attraction of non-Biblical secular and religious voices. It feeds into their natural energy and their passionate visions can be harnessed for good. Acts 1 v 8

7. Only on completion of the global task of evangelism will Christ return.

Lack of Global mission’s delays that return. Matt 24 v 14

8. Reducing our finances by sacrificial giving makes us more aware of what is important.

Such activities to fill empty days and avoid boredom are assessed more realistically leading to healthier lifestyles.

9. Interactive support of missions creates a united body

Engagement of strategic thinkers, mobilisation of retirees, short term volunteers and many who have years to work and serve, howbeit at a reduced pace and intensity, adds a healthier attitude and activity to the aging process which leads to less strain on the medical professionals.

10. It fulfills to command to help the poor, widows, and orphans

The command to help the poor, widows and orphans is now possible by the harnessing of its invisible resource. Is 61 v 1-3.