Looking to the Past and the Future: Ron's Trip to Moldova

Report on the visit to Moldova. January 2018

Arriving in Moldova where I went from plus 15 to minus 5 weather.

However, the greetings from students and staff compensated with a warmness that I have grown accustomed.

My first task was to meet with the committee who manage the school and to plan for my own contribution to the school’s activities and visits to other Central Asian states to expand its activities.

On Sunday I was asked to preach at Hope church and I was full of studies on the life and actions of Genghis Khan. He had so many wise characteristics that it led to a sermon on his biblical values in his life. Lessons that are eternal.

A visit to Vatici was a surprise. I had last seen a tired and distressed campsite having been greatly used to serve local churches and teach young people over many years. With the new leadership of DGU came new ideas and volunteers to do the work. The kitchens have been gutted and new tiling for the dining area, new kitchen equipment capable to serve 300 meals per sitting.

What was a summer facility will now become a year round camp and high school training in mechanics, computing and farming. Some will pass on to join DGU for serious studies in a degree and MA programme.

Conversely, it will receive central Asian church members coming for short courses in Bible, Missions and Music training. Glory to God the faithfulness of the founder of Vatici has created a major contribution to missions in Moldova and beyond.

The Scripture Union shares about the transition of their organization over the years,

“In June 1867 Josiah Spiers spoke to 15 children in a drawing room in Islington, London, pioneering a new approach to sharing Jesus with children...Much has changed since Josiah Spiers, but the big idea is still the same: To share the good news of Jesus with the next generation...Fast forward 150 years and the beaches may have been replaced by Instagram, Youtube and the sports field, but the mission and message of Scripture Union remains the same. Find out more about what we do now to connect with today's children and young people.”

Similarly, EEF carries the vision of Romanian Aid Fund onto the next generation. The big picture is still the same although the details change, we are a solidly service to Muslim peoples.

After 43 years of serving the churches in Romania its rebranded mission is still the same but has moved further East to serve the college in Moldova and the students it has from Central Asia.

Few finish as they are called and we need to praise God for those who press on in their calling to reach the world for Christ.