Eurasia Education Foundation


Our Mission

In 1964 God called Ron and Nancy George to respond to the Gospel by looking at the most unreached areas of the world. If the Gospel was effective in that area, it should be effective in any area.

In one particular area the combination of Islam and Communism was very strong – strong enough to eventually create three missions which sought to reach out, in different ways, into what has come to be known as Central Asia and the Caucasus.

This combined area is Eurasia and includes: Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kirghizia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Northern India, Pakistan, and the Caucasus, with over 300 million people waiting to hear the Gospel.

Ron and Nancy George

Where We Are Today

Over the past 50 years, world missions have come to see theology as a dynamic record of the ways God has worked and is working among the nations. This is a major theme throughout the Bible – ‘Go to the nations’, ‘Reach the nations’ and so on. This has given rise to seeing that as world cultures change, God can deal with those changes. Ron’s paper What others have said helps us to understand how God has influenced other faiths, pointing them to Jesus Christ. Christ is the completion of all that Man seeks after. Without Him, all becomes unravelled and lost. Therefore, the best way to reach the many cultures in Eurasia is to train local people and empower them to be witnesses to these nations.

Our Vision